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3 July 2017

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The body is infected by various pathogenic organisms, such as fungi. Sometimes we suffer from fungal infections that affect the skin, nails and other body parts. Mycotic fungal infections on nails may cause finger and leg damage in general. In the long term, this can lead to serious damage to our legs and the way we walk. Fungal infections are usually visible in humid environments, when the feet are sweated, can lead to fungal infection.

The susceptibility to fungi is therefore high in humid conditions, i. e. when you wear closed shoes that may be wet inside. This may cause problems with blood flow, causing fungal infections. When we age, the nails also grow faster, leading to larger nails infected with fungus. If you encounter this problem with your feet, it should not worry you, because there is a Fungalor that will put an end to this disease. It is the best treatment for fungal infections.

Fungalor cream or Fresh Fingers is a product recommended by dermatologists for foot skin care and mycosis removal. Fungalor is recommended for all skin problems such as mycosis or infection, even in individuals with anatomical malformations. Specialists recommend the cream Fungalor Fingers Fresh, especially in the treatment of mycosis, regardless of the stage of its development.

The cream works on every skin layer and eliminates infection so your feet can recover. If you don't want to take medication or Fungalor injections is for you. Get rid of stress and use a cream that works in a simple and effective way. The cream works after a short time and can be easily used without leaving the house.

The product is a gel / ointment used in the prevention and treatment of fungal infections. Manufactured from natural plant extracts, it has been tested and recognized as the best remedy for treating inflammation of mycosis, feet and nails. Knowing this, it is good to prevent fungal infections in the main symptoms.

Preliminary symptoms include: peeling of the skin, itching, sweating of the feet, bad smell and discomfort of the feet. Other symptoms include fungal infection, deep heel cracks, abundant sweating and itching of feet, bad smell all the time, yellowing or breaking of nails, rough or dead skin, discomfort while walking. Serious symptoms include exfoliating skin and itching, wounds and deep cracks, pain, oil and nail breakage.

Made from natural plant extracts, the ointment has been tested and found to be the best medication used to treat inflammation of mycosis, feet and nails. Knowing this, it is good to prepare yourself against the main symptoms of fungal infections. The application of the Fungalora ointment consists of the following steps

Medicines used in the treatment of mycosis are divided into two types: the first one does not help with symptoms. The second option is to relax only if you take medication. Usually in such circumstances, people with mycosis have no choice and they use cream or ointment at all times. The ointment solves the problem and prevents causes. Based on the results of many studies carried out by the Institute of Medical Research, the product has an effective effect on healing of heels and nails.

According to statistics, one in five people in the world has a problem with mycosis. Additional factors causing fungal infection of the feet are: wearing tightly covering footwear or wearing synthetic fibre socks, use of sauna, steam bath and swimming pools. In summer, the places where it is easy to get infected are beaches, parks or places where most people like to walk barefoot. If infection occurs, you should start treatment immediately to avoid major problems and not lead to illness.

After treatment for a certain period of time, mycosis symptoms disappear and do not return. This effective treatment is a result of the composition of natural ingredients and extracts.

Bean extract. Prevents the spread of fungi and yeast. Helps to inhibit fungal activity.

Chihuahua extract. It helps control sweat glands and makes you feel comfortable enjoying a pleasant fragrance for a long time.

Oil extracts play an important role in moisturising and nourishing the skin. Reduces skin roughness. It helps to change skin cells and helps in the treatment of stretch marks.

Oil is different from cream, which can moisturize the skin thoroughly. Glide quickly into the skin. It leaves no marks on the bedding or clothing. This oil has properties that eliminate skin problems. Helps the skin. Cold all day long.

Arnica, antibacterial and soothing; it removes the feeling of itching and destroys the colonies of mycosis.

Camphor disinfects and menthol helps alleviate pain. The camomile has a relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect; Sage cures reduces inflammation.

Aloe vera gel (powder of aloe vera barbadensis). Its main task is to


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